OUYA side-loadable version now included!


I've now included the OUYA version of My Nuclear Octopus (MNO) for free, as it's no longer available on the OUYA store. I hope you awesome OUYA users have as much fun playing the game as I had making it :)

NOTE: If you want to donate (and I would LOVE IT if you did, since I only made a grand total of $3 from the OUYA version!) then please use the pay what you want option on itch.io to donate, instead. Please don't use the DONATE button inside the game, as it would appear that the money will go off to some random place I have no access to. I don't know if this is OUYA's old account or what but wherever the Donate pays to, I don't get it. Anything is welcome, but if you can't afford it then please don't feel like you should. I offer the game as 'pay what you want' because I want people to play the game and have fun. 

This is one of my favourite games that I've ever worked on. I've worked on over 50 games for game studios, promotional games for ad agencies etc., so it's funny that my bonkers little arcade game would be 'up there' near the top. I just love how visceral it is. It's gaming at its most raw. You, a controller, and a load of sprites. The OUYA was the perfect vehicle for this game - a little alternative place where smaller experiences like this could find a home.

I feel like there was always a ton of potential for indie developers and indie gaming that all the business people and decision makers never really understood or grasped, which kind of sealed the fate of the OUYA early on. 

Maybe, one day, someone will find a way to start what the OUYA began with and carry it through to the greatness it should have had. For now, though, we can at least enjoy the small time we had. When that little silver box shone a bright light on the little games, the smaller developers and hobbyists, and put them on the big TV screen. :)

This OUYA version of MNO needs to be sideloaded onto the device. To do that, you'll need to copy the .apk file onto a USB key and put that into the OUYA. You're also gonna need a file copy thingy.

Have fun!
Jeff (aka PsychicParrot)


Aug 07, 2018

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