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I really love this. It's very addicting! Great job. I will now judge all ZX games in the future against this one, as it was my first one. :)

\o/  yay! Thanks for giving it a go, joltcountry! Pretty honoured you chose Chopper Defence to be honest. Hope you find lots more Speccy games out there to enjoy!  :)

I bought your game, it's great but a tad too difficult to me, I wonder if you could provide us with an infinite lives poke?

Hello! Thanks for buying the game. I wasn't able to add a POKE, but just for you I've added a new version of the game that has infinite lives :) I don't know what'll happen if you play it for a long time, though, it might just eventually crash or it might run forever! Either way, have fun!

Wow, that was great, thanks a lot! I'll test it thoroughly, rest assured! :)

Here is my little tribute to the game...

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Fantastic video! Thanks so much for making it and for playing my game. Really enjoyed watching it - especially when you noticed the Smash potato enemies!! It was an accident they turned out looking looking like that to be honest (I was going for some kind of death star-like shiny globe monsters) but once they started looking like Smash martians it put a smile on my face so they got to stay in the game :) Anyway, thanks again for making the video. Really chuffed you enjoyed it - just sorry it made you swear so much lol. Cheers!

Love this! Simple concept and loads of fun :)

Thanks ZXPresh! Really happy to hear you're having fun with it :)

Nice game! Posted a recommendation on the German ZX forum.

Yay! Thanks Schombi - very kind of you and much appreciated by me :) 

Any chance of a credit for the Standstill font?

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Quick update - there's now a credit both on the itch page and on the main menu of the game. Thanks for making such a cool font and letting us all use it in our MPAGD games :)

Thanks so much!

Nice game!

Yay! Thanks x10000000 for playing - and for making a great video of it! You're awesome :)

Streamed this and loved it to bits. Very much JetPac as intended and just as much fun with possibly even better controls! I know, shocker but true IMO,

More speccy games from you please? Just do it, my viewers... say the man from delmonte, he say YES!


I sense an incoming stream of this :) Thanks for making games for the BEST 8-bit :)


Fantastic! Looking forward to it. Thanks for keeping the Speccy dream alive!

Nice! Will try this in hardware next time I hook up the ZX.

Fantastic! Sadly as I’m in Canada the best I could find so far is a Recreated Spectrum (basically a USB rubber keyboard) plugged into the PC emulator, but I’d love to see it running on a real Speccy one day! Lovely stuff thanks :)

Kudos to you for making and releasing a Speccy game. Something I'd love to do, but doubt I will ever manage it.